Square Plush Kennel: The Perfect Bed for Your Pet

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Addition information

Cozy Comfort for Your Furry Friend: The Square Plush Kennel

Pamper your pet with the ultimate in plush relaxation with the Square Plush Kennel! This adorable bed is not just stylish, it's packed with features to keep your furry friend comfy and content all year round.

Here's why your pet will love it:

  • Plush Paradise: Soft velveteen and oxford fabric provide the perfect snuggle spot for ultimate comfort.
  • Cozy Plush Kennel for Dog and Cat
  • Just the Right Size: Choose from 6 sizes (XS to XXL) to fit your pet perfectly, from tiny teacups to big boned buddies. See the size chart for recommended weights.
  • Cozy and Clean: The bed is waterproof and washable, making it easy to keep fresh and stain-free. Hand washing is recommended to maintain its shape.
  • Year-Round Comfort: Breathable materials keep your pet cool in summer and warm in winter, making it ideal for all seasons.
  • More Than Just a Bed: This kennel is a true pet haven, offering a sense of security and comfort for your furry friend.

Bonus Features:

  • Anti-Bite Design: Built to withstand playful pups and curious claws.
  • Removable Cushion: Some sizes feature a removable cushion for easy cleaning.
  • Stylish Design: The simple yet elegant square shape and plush texture look great in any home.

Order your Square Plush Kennel today and give your pet the gift of cozy comfort!


  • Consider getting a size larger than you think your pet needs for extra room to sprawl out.
  • Place the kennel in a quiet, draft-free spot where your pet feels safe and secure.
  • Regularly wash the bed to keep it clean and fresh.

With the Square Plush Kennel, you can be sure your pet is getting the best in comfort and style. Order yours now and watch your furry friend melt into pure bliss!

Size Chart

Size Recommended Weight
XS 2kg
S 4kg
M 8kg
L 14kg
XL 18kg
XXL 23kg
  • Color cat dog bed 11, cat dog bed 10, cat dog bed 09, cat dog bed 08, cat dog bed 07, cat dog bed 06, cat dog bed 12, cat dog bed 01, cat dog bed 05, cat dog bed 04, cat dog bed 03, cat dog bed 02, cat dog bed 13, cat dog bed 14, cat dog bed 15, cat dog bed 16
  • Size XS(43X34X12CM), S (48X40X12CM), M (58X45X14CM), L (68X50X16CM), XL (78X60X17CM), XXL(88X65X17CM)