Professional Pet Grooming Brush: Dual-Head Deshedding Marvel for Cats and Dogs

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  • 1018-Blue S
  • 507-Blue S
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  • 507-Pink S
  • 1018-Blue L
  • 1018-Red L
  • 507-Pink L
  • 507-Blue L



Addition information

Introducing our Pet Professional Grooming Brush – the ultimate tool for a well-groomed and happy pet!

🐾 Dual-Head Design: This brush is a game-changer with two sides, two coats, all in one tool! Effortlessly tackle dematting on one side and achieve quick coat thinning and deshedding on the other.

🐕 Skin Safe: Prioritize your pet's comfort with our rounded teeth design. Pamper your furry friend pain-free while ensuring their delicate skin is protected during grooming sessions.

🌟 Versatile Grooming: Ideal for both cats and dogs with thick, long fur, this professional deshedding brush is suitable for all coat types, even horses! It's a long-lasting and durable pet comb that guarantees exceptional results.

👐 Easy Grip Handle: Say goodbye to stubborn knots! Our grooming brush features a non-slip handle, providing a firm and comfortable grip. Experience hassle-free grooming sessions for both you and your pet.

📦 Package Includes: 1* Pet Fur Knot Cutter Comb, neatly packed in an OPP Bag for your convenience.

Upgrade your pet grooming routine with our Pet Professional Grooming Brush – the perfect solution for a beautifully groomed and healthy coat! 🌈🐾 #PetCareEssentials #GroomingRevolution

  • Color 1018-Blue S, 507-Blue S, 1018-Red S, 507-Pink S, 1018-Blue L, 1018-Red L, 507-Pink L, 507-Blue L