1:12 Suzuki GSX-250R Alloy Racing Motorcycle Model

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  • 250R white
  • 250R balck
  • 250R blue
  • R1000 blue
  • R1000R black
  • R1000R red



Addition information

1:12 Suzuki GSX-250R Alloy Racing Motorcycle Model: Bring the Excitement of Racing Home

Rev your passion for motorcycles with this 1:12 scale diecast model of the Suzuki GSX-250R.


  • Exquisite Detail: This finely crafted model captures the sleek design and iconic features of the real GSX-250R, making it a perfect addition to any motorcycle collection.
  • Alloy Construction: Built with durable alloy materials, this model is sturdy and built to last.
  • 1:12 Scale: Measuring approximately 18cm in length, this model is the perfect size for display on a shelf or desk.
  • Ideal Gift: A thoughtful and exciting gift for motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages.

Technical Specifications:

  • Scale: 1:12
  • Material: Alloy
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 18cm (7.09 in)
    • Width: 8cm (3.15 in)
    • Height: 11cm (4.33 in)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 1:12 Suzuki GSX-250R Alloy Racing Motorcycle Model

Experience the thrill of the race with this stunning 1:12 scale Suzuki GSX-250R Alloy Racing Motorcycle Model.

 1:12 Suzuki GSX-250R diecast model

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  • Color 250R white, 250R balck, 250R blue, R1000 blue, R1000R black, R1000R red