Smart Cat Toys Interactive Plush Ball - Electric Catnip Training Toy

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Addition information

Smart Cat Toys Interactive Plush Ball - Electric Catnip Training Toy with Touch-Activated Sounds

Product Description: Elevate your feline friend's playtime with our Smart Cat Toys Interactive Plush Ball! This innovative cat toy is designed to engage and entertain your kitty, providing endless fun and stimulation.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Plush Material: Crafted with care, our cat toy features a 50mm (1.97in) diameter, using high-quality plush fabric for a soft and durable play experience.

  2. Simulated Sounds for Cat's Delight: Each ball comes equipped with a built-in LR44 lithium battery cell and high sound sensitivity, producing lifelike sounds that mimic three different animals. Keep your cat entertained with the enticing sounds of a blue frog, yellow cricket, or pink bird.

  3. Smart Trigger Faucet for Interactive Play: The Smart Cat Toy Ball features a built-in high-sensitivity sounder. A gentle touch from your cat's paw triggers the ball to emit delightful sounds, enhancing interactivity and keeping your cat entertained for hours.

  4. Catnip Infusion for Extra Excitement: Open the lid to add catnip, turning playtime into an irresistible adventure. Watch as your cat gets excited and happy, making this toy their absolute favorite. The inclusion of catnip encourages exercise, stimulates your cat's thinking, and provides companionship.

Important Note: To ensure your kitten's safety and prevent damage to the battery, it is built into the toy and cannot be replaced. Each ball sustains more than 10,000 chirping cycles, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for your furry companion.

Bring joy and excitement to your cat's world with the Smart Cat Toys Interactive Plush Ball. Make playtime an enriching experience that promotes exercise, mental stimulation, and a healthy, happy cat!

  • Color Elves Pink, Elves Green, Elves Yellow, EVA Pink, EVA Green, EVA Yellow