Stainless Steel Sinks – A Culmination of Elegance and Functionality

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  • 6045WS-A
  • 6045WS-A2
  • 6045WS-A1
  • 6045WS-T1
  • 6045WS-T2
  • 6845WS-A
  • 6845WS-A1
  • 6845WS-A2
  • 6845WS-T1
  • 6845WS-T2
  • 7545WT-D
  • 7545WT-D1
  • 7545WT-D2
  • 7545WT-T1
  • 7545WT-T2
  • 7545WR-D
  • 7546WP-D1
  • 7546WP-D2
  • 7546WP-T1
  • 7546WP-T2
  • 7545WR-D1
  • 7545WR-D2
  • 7545WR-T1
  • 7545WR-T2



Addition information

🌟 Upgrade Your Kitchen with Our Premium Stainless Steel Sinks – A Culmination of Elegance and Functionality!

Unrivaled Kitchen Support: Discover a new level of kitchen convenience with our range of stainless steel sinks. Each sink is meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance, boasting robust construction, hygienic design, and resistance against corrosion. Elevate your kitchen with a modern touch, complete with a waste and strainer for added functionality.

💡 Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: Sink
  • Product Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: Available in 60X45CM, 68X45CM, 75X45CM, and 75X46CM
  • Sink Height Size: 22CM
  • Manufacturing Industry: Stainless Steel Sheet Integral Stretch Forming
  • Surface Technology: Soft Oiled Brushed Surface
  • Product Features: Large Capacity, No Dirt, Vertical Basin
  • Use: Ideal for washing dishes, fruits, and vegetables.

🌈 Modern Design, Premium Features:

  • Surface Wire Drawing Treatment: Enhances the stainless steel texture, providing a glare-free, stable surface.
  • Easy to Clean: Withstand repeated wear and tear from porcelain and tableware, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

🏡 Versatile Application: Suitable for various settings, including hotels, restaurants, and households. Our sinks are designed to meet the demands of both professional and home kitchens.

🛍️ Order Now for Kitchen Elegance and Convenience! Embrace the beauty of a well-equipped kitchen with our Stainless Steel Sinks. Fall in love with the art of cooking and bring convenience to your culinary space. Order now and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality! 🍽️🚰

  • Color 6045WS-A, 6045WS-A2, 6045WS-A1, 6045WS-T1, 6045WS-T2, 6845WS-A, 6845WS-A1, 6845WS-A2, 6845WS-T1, 6845WS-T2, 7545WT-D, 7545WT-D1, 7545WT-D2, 7545WT-T1, 7545WT-T2, 7545WR-D, 7546WP-D1, 7546WP-D2, 7546WP-T1, 7546WP-T2, 7545WR-D1, 7545WR-D2, 7545WR-T1, 7545WR-T2