Dog toy for cleaning Teeth carrot, knot rope, ball, cotton rope, dumbbell puppy

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  • A 16cm
  • B 29cm
  • C 22x3cm
  • D 19x8cm
  • E 33cm
  • F 18cm
  • G 29cm
  • H 25cm
  • I 19cm
  • J 45cm



Addition information

Unleash your pup's inner clean freak with this multi-textured chew toy wonderland! It's a dental dream team packed with knotted rope for tugging, a bouncy ball for fetching, and textured cotton rope for gum massage. Plus, the adorable carrot shape adds a touch of whimsical flair.

This dental delight helps clean teeth while satisfying your pup's natural chewing instincts. Imagine the satisfying squeaks and happy tail wags as your furry friend tackles each texture. Whether they're a playful puppy or a seasoned chomper, this toy offers endless entertainment and oral hygiene benefits.

Here's why your pup will be over the moon for this toy:

  • Multi-textured fun: Knots, squeaks, and a bouncy ball keep playtime engaging and stimulate mental health.
  • Dental health hero: Helps clean teeth and massage gums, promoting fresher breath and a healthier smile.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Made with tough materials to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers.
  • Perfect for all sizes: Great for puppies, small dogs, and even medium-sized pups who love a good chew.
  • Adorable factor: The cute carrot design adds a touch of playful charm to any toy box.
  • Give your pup the gift of playtime and dental care with this versatile chew toy. They'll be saying "arf yeah!" in no time!

Just remember, while this toy is fantastic for entertainment and promoting oral health, it's always important to supervise your furry friend during playtime. Happy chewing!
  • Color A 16cm, B 29cm, C 22x3cm, D 19x8cm, E 33cm, F 18cm, G 29cm, H 25cm, I 19cm, J 45cm