12-100CM 3D Advertising Projector Wifi Sign Holographic Lamp Player Remote Advertise Light

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Captivate Customers with Stunning 3D Holograms: Introducing the 12-100CM Holographic Advertising Projector!

Tired of flat, static advertising? Elevate your brand presence with the revolutionary 12-100CM Holographic Advertising Projector, a powerful tool to capture attention, boost engagement, and skyrocket sales!

This innovative projector boasts:

    • Eye-catching 3D Holograms: Project mesmerizing 3D visuals up to 1 meter in diameter, grabbing instant attention and leaving a lasting impression.
    • Unmatched Flexibility: Display dynamic videos, animations, and images to showcase your products, services, or promotions in the most captivating way.
    • Seamless Wireless Control: Manage your holograms wirelessly with the included remote, making updates and adjustments a breeze.
    • High-Quality Display: Experience vibrant visuals with ultra-high-density LED technology, ensuring sharpness and clarity even in high-traffic environments.
    • Universal Compatibility: Play all common video, animation, and image formats, offering endless creative possibilities.
    • Long-Lasting Performance: The high-quality motor ensures flicker-free operation, while the durable design guarantees reliable use.
    • Portable Power: Operate the projector using a mobile power supply (AC interface required), making it perfect for trade shows, events, and pop-up displays.


    • Showcasing your products in stunning 3D, making them jump off the shelf.
    • Boosting brand awareness with mesmerizing holographic animations.
    • Delivering targeted promotions that captivate customers and drive sales.

The 12-100CM Holographic Advertising Projector is more than just a display; it's a game-changer! Order yours today and unlock the power of immersive 3D advertising!

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  • Wattage PD42 standard, PD42 Upgrade, 50cm, 52cm, 56cm, 60cm, 62cm, 65cm, 80cm, 100cm, 32cm, 25cm, 27cm, PD-13cm