New Technology Colorful Unlimited Writing Pencil Eternal No Ink Pen Magic Pencils Painting Supplies Novelty Gifts Stationery

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  • 1pcs white
  • 1pcs black
  • 1pcs blue
  • 1pcs pink
  • 1pcs light blue
  • 1pcs Light pink
  • 1pcs Light green
  • 1pcs Light yellow
  • 1pcs golden pink
  • 1pcs green
  • 1pcs golden blue
  • 1pcs yellow
  • 1pcs gold green
  • 1pcs red
  • 3pcs-nib
  • 1pcs Light purple
  • 1pcs Morandi blue
  • 1pcs Morandi Green
  • 1pcs powder blue
  • 1pcs golden orange
  • 1pcs Retro red
  • 1pcs Retro blue
  • 1pcs Retro Green
  • 1pcs Morandi pink



Addition information

New Technology Unlimited Writing Pencil No Ink Novelty Eternal Pen Art Sketch Painting Tools Kid Gift School Supplies Stationery
Features: New Technology Unlimited Writing Pencil, No need to sharpen pencils, the refill will not break, HB nib, sturdy and durable, 0.5mm nib, smooth writing, no ink, no dirty hands, can write 500,000 characters continuously, refill can be replaced, convenient Practical, beautiful and generous.

Size: 14cm
Weight: about 18g
Material: platic pen holder + high-tech writing nib (capable of writing 500,000 words)
Shipping list: 1 pencil ( 1 eraser included in the penholdle)

  • Color 1pcs white, 1pcs black, 1pcs blue, 1pcs pink, 1pcs light blue, 1pcs Light pink, 1pcs Light green, 1pcs Light yellow, 1pcs golden pink, 1pcs green, 1pcs golden blue, 1pcs yellow, 1pcs gold green, 1pcs red, 3pcs-nib, 1pcs Light purple, 1pcs Morandi blue, 1pcs Morandi Green, 1pcs powder blue, 1pcs golden orange, 1pcs Retro red, 1pcs Retro blue, 1pcs Retro Green, 1pcs Morandi pink